Elvis Costello - I Can't Say Her Name

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How can I show my face?
I'm a mess
And I fear I may confess
I'm a fool with or without her
Make up what you will about her
It's part of the game
I can't say her name

I've been left in the dark
Shine a light
Right in my eyes
You'll never make me talk
Alibis I must protect
An alias you won't detect
I won't place the blame
I can't say her name

I whisper it so soft and slow
When I think no one's listening
No one knows
The thought of her so strong and slow
Stays on my mind
I won't ever let her go

How can I go to sleep?
When I know all too well I'm in this thing too deep
It's all I can do not to shout about it
I don't need your pity
I'm powerless and proud
And I don't feel ashamed
Oh, but I can't say her name