Eddie Rath - Way of Ninja

Tekst piosenki:

Hunt in pairs, we blitz on the surface straight through the grasses, this is the purpose
Fast quick how we move our asses, orange sun setting the moon leads us starlight
The path it is open, black knight
The wrath I have chosen, thats right
The massacrs frozen like a picture when I paint with the brushstrokes
He don't care what you are telling him
The last hope like evangellion
Sit down, understand him... You want deep, I am the canyon
I raised hell like a baby, since grade 3 not a thing could phase me
I can not say it simplier, this is my Way of the Ninja
In the summer, or the winter
Kudos to master splinter
A shinobi sleeps whitin ya
Bring them out and you'll in that

Becouse I deliver lyrical caliber like I'm an animal but I'm a ninja shinobi canibal and I'm killin' it like no body has ever killed it when I step into your sector as a shuriken collector you can either select a weapon or respect a forehead protector then move you f*****g asses faster than masaka baka nanada Speedy Gonzales before my eva leaves a deathnote in your f*****g vaginas instead of a penis leaving 'em sqeemish becouse I'm a genius cutting my thum and summoning a beheamoth Uzumaki Naruto you better belive in my jutsu say wasuuuuuuuup!