Earl Sweatshirt - Peanut

Tekst piosenki:

Ay, ay, messy and at say, ayy
And all- all the way
Family saw you on the stage
Left it, not amazed
Thought you up in—ayy
Now you done and brazed
Get the fuck back you moving like they cut your cape, ayy
Lick the nut sack, zooted and some terror ways
Flashing through the pain, depression; this is not a phase
Picking out his grave, couldn't help but feel out of place
Try and cast a raise, death and house that how it tastes
Blast my pops we sent him off and not an hour late
Still in shock and now my heart out somewhere on the range
Outta range, picked the lock and now we elevate
Box 'em out my shit a million miles away
Niggas feel the weight
Like we making food, father's face what I'm not afraid
While Uncle Hugh-