E-Thereal - Social Misery

Tekst piosenki:

Reflect yourself before you make a remark unto the others
As a human being,don't think that you're always right
Or you're above all others

Social misery caused by people like you
Hurting peoples mind with your attitude
Poisoning people's mind,hiding from the truth

Well I don't care and not even afraid
Nor will I kneel upon you
I would ignore the accusations made
I just believe my own self

Social misery cause by people like you
Dissing everyone making your own rules
Criticizing yet nothing you can prove
Social misery,all blames on you

No unity,hypocrisy,all I can see is jealousy
Red is the eyes,pain in the hearts,of the success of one's achieve
Pathetically accusing others with your endless lame remarks
When can we see any progress if this attitude carries on

Wake up your mind,face up reality
Your ways will not always work
Cleanse your mind,cleanse your emotions
Ending the social misery