DJ BoBo - Your Heart Is My Home

Tekst piosenki:

I'm gonna miss you when you're not here
Your love is all around me my dear
I know you are the woman completing my life
Your Heart Is My Home

Chorus B:
When I look at you I know your love can light up the light
When I kiss your lips my feelings tell me, yes this is right
When your near me I'm in heaven,
I know you're the best of my life
Your Heart Is My Home

Intro & Midpart:
The day you would leave me
My emotions will die
You're the love of my lifetime
This is what I feel

Rap 1:
I can feel you, when you're not even here
You surround me with love my dear
No fear, 'cause I know your love is true
And you know I feel the same way too
Ýou're completing the shape of my heart
Let us live this dream and we'll never part
For now and forever I'll pray
Take my hand hear me say

Rap 2:
I close my eyes I can see your smile
Waiting for you was worth my while
Touch me and take my breath away
What I feel for you is more than words can say
Today, tomorrow and for all the time
I hope your love is always mine
You will never walk alone
Cause I know, Your Heart Is My Home

Rap 3:
Since we are together I'm feeling alive
And I know for sure you're the best of my life
My wife - I promise you
To stay by your side and guide you through
The darkest night and deepest despair
In moments of sorrow I'm gonna be there
I'll care for you, do the best I can do
We can reach the stars let the sky be blue