Deadfish - Broken (feat. Heylog)

Tekst piosenki:

I'm broken, I know that
I'm trying to get up
I'm falling apart
That should be enough

showing my good side
Have to keep my composure
But always get angry
I'm tryna keep it closed

Tell me something
I'll ignore it
Always angry
I'm just broken

Take it out
On people that I care about
Always sorry
For all the stuff that I have done

Someday I'll fade
Away, regrets
Still there
6 feet in the ground
With me

Don't need you to
Pity me, I don't
Deserve anything
Oh anything at all

on a borderline to kill all things i obtain
all i gave was kindness, u don't provide the same
i leave it all inside but man i'm bound to explode
i'm holding in my blood that just might come out my nose
i don't really see a point in this
ima cut you and your stupid friends
before i hang up get the bye bye
no voicemail i got the right mind
ima bleed out if i don't cover up
my wounds hurt, they're all deep cuts
so i stg u need to stay away
behind my back i could feel ur blade so
stab me good and cut my face and gouge out my eyes
staring at a wall i've stared at too many times
the way the shadow shapeshifted its way in the light
sinking to the floor cus it turns out i was right