David - Revolution

Tekst piosenki:

Got to know, I'm walking down the street in the night
And I'm wondering whether my life is empty or not
I try to find inspiration

Got to know, need someone who turns on the light
Anybody who's clearing my time, the only I got
I wanna feel this sensation

Baby my time is through but I feel that I Have got the answer
Baby I can't believe but there's something in my mind - crazy

Gimme satisfaction now, play with my affection now
'Cause I know, you know, I know, they know, hey
I will keep myself alive
Well I know that all I had to do is fall in love

Don't you know, the love is just a game, you can fall
You can lose but wherever you go your mood is alright
I wanna feel it forever

Don't you know, I fly through the sky when you call
I can see the whatever you do, you turn on the light
We're gonna live it together