Danse Macabre - Ridden

Tekst piosenki:

Lead the rats to an underwater burial, pipe be the instrument of death. Rid the town of infestation, be what saves those condemned for hell.

Rats follow you; Subservient. Held by the song; Of Desolation. Down the street; towards the lake.

Walk into the depths, as the rats enter. Stand in the middle; leading the pests to the heel of your feet. Drown them, destroy them, rid this earth of their vile stench.

Blow the last note, signalling the end of the dark. Return the town to her former glory, see the work you have done; And watch as the souls of the rats are ripped from this earth.

Some stay with you, powering your pipe. Wander back towards Hamlin to reap the rewards. Payed for your efforts. That will be all piper killer of rats.