Cruella - In Time / Beyond Belief

Tekst piosenki:

I seek the wizard that carries the light
Down to the earth through the shadows
In darkness he stands in back
Yet I know that he can free me

The deadly white light that
Can it reveal the answer?
Possessor of all the spirit of life
I seek the magician of time
Magician of time magician of time


The spirit that brought me to
This edge of my life
I seek the magician of time
When up through the black I
See through to the light
To find the magician is me

I am the magician of time
Magician of time
I am the magician of time

Everything you are, what you plan to be
You go forth and see what
You can't see
Then they watch you and do
What you should do
Wait around till you are
Finally through

Come with me, I speak of death and glory
You will see, I've got what you're after
It was me, and I'll tell the story
Then you run, this has gone beyond

Magination come, enter
I'm convincing you, so convin' singly
It was in the cards, destiny is due
You can run but they will come after you

When the time runs out, is the final quest
When will judge you when you did your best
Did it just to win, and now you get the prize
They will find you drowning in all your lies

Headin' east, search for what you re after
Lost the race, but you found your master
You'll survive, now you know the story
All is lost
That has gone - this has gone beyond
This has gone beyond belief