Coheed and Cambria - Unheavenly Creatures

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We were young and had it all figured out
She was the quiet one and I had the mouth
Until she fell to me
We escaped through the alley in the back
Judge told me, Creature
Don’t you dare go back
But I couldn’t dodge
the ringing in my head
Her lonely solemn voice
Through the echoes as it said
"Please don’t leave me here my love"

Oh pretty angel
Swinging from your cable
I fear my dear
The end is near
So run, run, run
like a son of a gun

Did anybody treat you better
To obey and follow to the letter
I fear my dear
The end is here
So run, run, run
like a son of a gun

There was something I forgot to tell her then
Between the kiss and ‘knock em dead, kid’
“There will be no other like you”
Now I can’t keep the guilt from my heart
These stuttering emotions keep me fixed to fall apart
And I know I’m leaving all this sweat in our bed
A broken heart bleeding with a gun to my head