Chillinit - Up Up and Away

Tekst piosenki:

It's nearly like 4:20 in the morning (haha)
Positivity is power, good vibes for all my people
That’s real shit
Up up and away, up up and away, up up and away girl yeah

[Verse 1]
I swear to God I said I'm bout that
So make that booty bounce back
Rapped ounce for that ounce rapped
Keeper where the house at
Chase cheddar for the mouse trap
Change getter like a couch crack
Everything you tell him said but then forget it regret it with every second I reckon you couldn't vouch that
Stay with that Oscar no arm could ? that
I bounce that I couldn’t get an och for your clout rap
Or how many times that you pop your pistol
Made money off of rocks and crystals
Get that you're hard and you're real and that's not the issue
The bars that I rock dismiss you
Could not commit to my girls cause I love this rap shit
Backflip money that I rock the spliff to
Pops got me lost on visuals
If you don't leave me I guess that my pops some bitch will
All your songs from the USA mad cause you wanna be in USA
Or you wanna be USA on the J but you don't get played
I roll the J but I don't get played
Unless I smoke so much that I don't get phases then I smoke too much then I bust my lungs I’m fucked up and I’m never gonna show my pain
I still tick it on the side like Nike
I don't take shit lightly
I blaze spliff on the nightly
Got a bitch with the hips look Miss maybe slipt it off you nighty
Hit it ? And kick it like she’s my wifey
Your bitch is in the kitchen and kicking it in a white tee
Got a white T2 swift suzuki this good weed getting her high G

Still no love for the fakes
Puff on a J going up and away
Going up with the flames
Growing up getting blazed
Don't give a fuck for the law
No it's never gonna change
Not trust for my mates
Love for my babe
Get fucked through the day
Drugs get fucked up my face
Young and disgraced

[Verse 2]
But this love was twisted
Two broken people trying to fix
Worst part is I would have got my kid
If I wasn't shit scared of life commitments
Life’s a gamble we die to risk it
Better not blink cause you might just miss this
Still gonna ride with bitches I'm still gonna (fuck it though)
I ain't really fucking with your vibe unless the weed lit
Every single brother on my side is on that G shit
Please Miss roll up a pack, blaze on the herb, lay on your back, gaze at the world
Let's just pretend for a second that this is forever and that I can commit to a girl
Fuck that's a lie, fuck I get high
Still I just fuck with a chick on the side
Forever lonely I'm living my life
Mary and Jane are always on my mind
Mary, Mary, quite contrary life and bullshit be so scary
Know the side effects may vary
I still fuck my ex like every month
Fight than we fuck X5
Yeah it's repeatitive, yeah this is love
Maybe it's lust, everything changes the second I bust
I readjust came to the crunch
I had to leg her right back to the cut
Lost it for what? Money and sluts, honeys and drugs
Dad always said "You the dumbest of cunts"
Brotherly love, ride with my bruvs
420 family stay in a bunch
Yeah this is us, yeah this is us
Yeah does it look like my bros give a fuck?
Yeah this is us, yeah this is us
'Prolly the reason we stay with the blunts

Up up and away, up up and away girl yeah
Up up and away, up up and away girl yeah
Up up and away, up up up up up and away
Up up and away, up up and away girl yeah
Up up and away, up up and away girl yeah
Up up and away, up up and away girl yeah
Up up and away, up up up up up and away
Up up and away, up up and away girl yeah