Cherryholmes - I Am Your Conscience

Tekst piosenki:

Well, you want me to believe what you feel in your heart
But, I won't believe, it's a bad place to start
For there is no logical explanation here
When you're thinking with your heart, not with your head, things won't be clear

And you try to hide, what you feel in your mind, and
Try to deny that the feeling is strong, but
You don't really know if what you feel is true
So you wind up drowning in your thoughts because you're just confused

I am your conscience speaking, so just hear me out
I see that you haven't got a clue
Alright, go ahead and try to block me out
But you know that what I say is true

Oh, you have to learn when you've fallen in love
That you will get burned, and the pain is enough to keep going 'round and 'round until you lose your mind
And you wish you had a second chance to put life in rewind
Well, you don't care what I"m saying to you,
You just beware, when the light shows the truth
When you realize that I was right, well, don't come run to me for direction 'cause I told you so, and then you'll plainly see (That)