Aska - Son of a God

Tekst piosenki:

You speak of life of death and hellfire
You say the beast is set to devour
The souls of those who break the faith
Will find themselves put into place

There are no blameless victims, time now to confess
I'm the son of a god

You live a fast life of lust and desire, ha!
Judgemental bastard that I am there is much I require
Confusing, contradicting works
Cast baleful glances, sinful looks

I give no second chances, lashes I decree
I'm the son of a god

My ego trip is bursting with power
You're afraid now, you tremble and cower
There's truly no place you can go
I think that I should have you know

I'll rip your throat, I'll sear your flesh, I've no mercy
I'm the son of a god