Aska - Freedom

Tekst piosenki:

Through the dungeon walls I hear the battle cry
I hear the call - Echoes of Freedom in the air
The Army of the Lion marches on the shores of Jaffa
Pagan blood flows free - A clash of swords collide with
Trumpets bleating wide the charge of mighty England's crown

Forty weeks in Moorish lands then captured in the Arab sands
Accursed Chastel Pellerin - Charged up from the rear that night
A silent strike of fear surrendered bloody swords
Tortured by the Seljuk Turks we're forced to disavow HIS works
Or lose our heads

I'm on my way to Freedom
I'm on my way tomorrow
(To kill me the Saracen leader, true to my vow)

Acrid smoke invades the cell impeding our escape from Hell
My warders speak and I defy; "Allah deserts his followers..."
His followers in turn desert the bloodied field
My insolence has earned their punishment
My hand is burned and bleeding

Our holy crusade is a sign of our faith
Not for ourselves but for God