Alborosie - Strolling feat. Protoje

Tekst piosenki:

Ove the mountain across the seas,
And when they need it then they send for me,
The Rasta man strolling into town, the fyah man strolling into town,
Ova the mountains across the seas,
You feel it mystically in the breeze,
When the rastaman strolling into town, the fyah man strolling into town.

Them a hail you an a praise you me no trust when dem a talk,
Words a fly ova me head like shooting stars,
Me see dem inna garrison stage shows and bars,
Mouth a talk peace but they're heart a beat war,
The truth is talking off like copa,
Rastafari youth dem shining like a supernova,
Protoje and Alborosie them a no push over,
Strong signal straight from Selassie I router,

The thing yah balance from the woofa to the twetter,
Can't get it better flawess like Lupita,
Oh no, they wanna be your friend to get a feature,
Disciples them a coulda Judahs, coulda Peter,
One will tek yuh life and one will neva leave yah,
Pray for the wisdom so you know before it reach yah,
When to be the student, when to be the teacher,
When to talk you mind and when to neva eva speak,
And pon that note you know I probably shouldn't say,

But them man deh the business looking sloppy from weh day,
Topic of the day animosity fi popularity,
Haffi stop it microscopic a the pray,
Take a look a panoramic me a say,
While them sit down and a watch them Panasonic every day,
So when Alborosie call me and say 'Ye',
Link up and drop it internationally,

If you cannot neither fly you should run like a train,
Maybe Ussain should ah say it,
Take me inna capsules just like a pain killer,
Listen to my music while you puffing sensimilla,
Apart from the bussines, music eva me heart,
Music from me heart so Selassie take the charts,
All Zion youth him a sing about that,
That shows you seh we all inna one class.