Alborosie - Fly 420 feat. Sugus

Tekst piosenki:

You make me fly,
Rumors go 'round,
Seh my strain a lock the town,
You make me fly,
My lock me collie weed,
Like a sound bwoy lock sound,

Green and young like a Peter Pan flyaing like a pelican,
Island bwoy like Gilligan crushing kaya in my palm,
Lemme take the witness stand, look how long them fight me plant,
True Makkonen nah go wrong, sensi free inna Babylon

Tell dem fi make up dem mind an stop go round with fertilister,
Zion youth a carry it around Ital shop advisor,
Ova the years we deh pon the case we neva back off neither,
Against the system weh live inna denial

420 around the clock a fi me tactic,
Puffing like a chimney me no care a who a chat we,
Green cargo only and Selassie inna the cockpit,
We a lock the world make know Mosiah a locksmith,

Dah story yah it's an odyssey, now we need a royalty,
Shipping around inna quantity, now me weed a novelty,
We nah laugh like comedy, we need no wanna be,
This is not astrology, we don't need apologies