Akhlys - Pnigalion

Tekst piosenki:

From the strangled breath
Of my bodies' corpse-like repose
I was reborn on wings of Death
And from that gasp arose
To alight on winds Tartarean
Across the gulfs of Erebos
In flight declined Hesperian
To the throne of Icelos
As Noctua I flew to seek
As dread and sacral bird
To pluck the eye with beak
And steal the sacral word
The true-sworn name of Daemon
The Secret hidden within the Lie
Unknown by priest of layman
And learned that name was I...

As naught is the aspect of the one
Who comes before me
Naught is the name of the one
Who resides within me
Adorn me with twain minded mask
Of Janus
Oh, Gatekeeper
Ceremented in paradox
Sable on shadow
I see you!
Radian in waves of darkness
Black static scintillations
Cascading abyss
Drown me in madness
Furoris divinales
Raise me from my flesh
As you awaken the Son of Pan
Within me
Sardonic Mask of Night
Beneath which is no-thing
Nous of the Void
Shade shifter
Syrinx Piper of Death's Silence
Ceremented in paradox
Shadow of Midnight