Aesthetic Perfection - Supernatural

Tekst piosenki:

I am weary
I can't sleep
World weighs heavy
Upon me
I've wandered through the ages
(In search of hope)
Asked holy books and sages
(And gods and ghosts)
Is no one gonna save us?
(We're all alone)
Oh I prayed
I prayed
I prayed for somethin'
I saw heaven was just a dream
And the devil's fantasy
But I wanted to believe
Are we gonna survive the fall?
We're just human after all
We're not supernatural
Where's the meaning?
Where's the soul?
Who is easing?
The unknown?
We tear ourselves to pieces
(So cruelly)
Through politics and revenge
(And deities)
We all attempt to cheat death
And yet we bleed
Oh my faith
My faith
My faith means nothing
I go down on my knees
Begging for release
Won't someone answer me?
The silence from above
Is proof the prophet's false
Salvation's up to us