$uicideboy$ - Pictures

Tekst piosenki:


posted with the blunt and i don't need to take no fuckin pictures
fuckin wit yo bitch she keep on sendin me all type of pictures
been a duck
jukin and dodgin all these unzipped zippers
i don't trust no hoe
screenshots posted when i'm scrollin insta
gram in the wood
i don't give a fuck bout who is wit you, who you know, and what you did
i'll be smokin til i get blisters
pass it to the mirror
hit it twice and pass it back
smoke a sac
spill some act
got a tombstone fuck a plaque


creep at night
look for homicide
those i want to die
i am anti-christ
your saviour
the god in flesh tonight
lullabys im singing with blood coming down my eyes
walking over dead who's full of lead
i had to kill him in my torture chamber, yeah
koopsta kincca told me do it so i could not say no to him
no no no no
how many times i said it that i want to go
glock to my temple
devil tells me no


you steady postin with that burner
you ain't shoot shit
you just takin pictures
44 nickel hit ya
hollow split ya
t-shirt with your picture
activist come get your issue
blow like tissue
smoke like swisher
pull up to your residential
we can't find you
shoot your sister
2 23s through your window
trigger maxo bitch you know my name
joysticks like nintendo
since you niggas think that it's a game
call of duty tactics with that plastic
stretch you like elastic
flip em like gymnastics
fuck an open casket