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Tyga - Dope feat Rick Ross
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Tekst piosenki:

T-raw rock my own kick game
8 figure deal figure how I’m courtside at clip game
Still pop ace king sh-t I’m with Rozay
Black Maybach leather gloves on that OJ
OK the day you beating me b-tch no day
Benz a make her dance that’s thousand dollar foreplay
AK get a full clip not a sound wave
You kissed her in her mouth, ask her how my dick taste
B-tch n-gga you don’t want no drama I’m worth a couple commas
It’s death before dishonor
Last king come sign up all my sh-t be designer
Extraordinary rhymer I bodied yo’ sh-t for nothin’
Wes, west up, hot temper
Get wet up she give me head not neck up
She clean the mess up
One false move death from gesture
Cash in the safe I don’t feel no pressure

[Hook] (x2)
I’m dope
(All) all my sh-t dope
(All) all my sh-t dope
Cuz it’s 187 how I killing these hoes

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
She f-ck Hermes and the hustle
Crown on the watch she got n-ggas still thuggin’
8.7 on the crib so f-ck it
Went gold in a month so it ain’t no budget
New chains, Rolex links
New chick just to drag my mink
New car just to ride around here
Aviator crew we flyest ’round here
Hating on hood n-ggas dying ’round here
Bath Salt Boss, got insurance on the beard
Cars rockstar dope boys at odds
I done seen it all but it’s back to these broads’
Hands clap like a n-gga in the stadium
Million dollar chain but I’m rocking 8 of ‘em
I see you sleeping boy don’t make me pick your label up
Scottie Pippen on the dribble I just laid ‘em up
Another triple got me tripping like it’s angel dust
We just winning all the women in my table ah
Say my name say my name n-gga say my name
100 million dollar n-gga, n-gga say my name

[Hook:] (x2)
I’m dope
(All) all my sh-t dope
(All) all my sh-t dope
Cuz it’s 187 how I killing these hoes

Chief rocka, pill popper
Tell them pull them things out cause my car topless
Off topic, get on top it wish us some absence
So sincere in her belly, that’s the nah sh-t
King announcing that gangsta sh-t we mobbin’
We taking your dollars Creflo no white collar
I (pop pop) wish a n-gga would call Thomas
b-tch I’m the bomb call me the Unabomber
Money in my game I’m driving sh-t that’s insane
You n-ggas stay in your lane no playing ain’t nothing changed
Pardon this good regime, I make your girl David Blaine
Murder was the case all the kids say that n-gga T-raw

[Hook] (x2)
I’m dope
(All) all my sh-t dope
(All) all my sh-t dope
Cuz it’s 187 how I killing these hoestekst mp4.com.pl


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Michael Stevenson, William Roberts

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Hotel California

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