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Tonedeff - TNT
Odsłon: 535
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Tekst piosenki:

It’s the marksman, armed with bars that scar from yards in/
Foul-mouth Latino, the Dark-skin Cartman/
Startling frauds, Skin ‘em for probable cause,
Spit and I topple the gods, gimme applause, when my part starts to resolve/
Hearts’ll dissolve because my love’s acidic/
I’m urgin a bum to mimmick this surgical tongue precision I’ll burn him for fuckin with it/
Your sternum gets punched in and it’s crushed to ribbons, I snuff these timid/
Thugs in denim with tons of gimmicks of drugs & women, I’m done beginning/
I hunt for limits and I snipe ‘em/
Hung Mother Nature, from the family tree, now Father time thinks I don’t like him/
Let’s try some Isometric points of view/
Why do decrepit boys like you lie and profess their flow’s improved?
When I be rippin’ it better than any of you can – regularly/
So, why don’t you just give up? Cause most of y’all niggas will never get better than me/
I’m indedbted to these cats like QN5 that set examples/
With original flows, over these digital lows and snare samples/
There’s ample proof, we’re hard to take/
It’s evident when cats tremble in our presence like epileptics doing the harlem shake/
Your ART is fake, and it’s troubling, yo/
There’s kids who think the underground just started with Company Flow/
Now we’re stuck with these shows, With 14-year olds and poser herbs/
Claiming their emcees, dropping their fumbled attempts at spoken word/
Who don’t deserve the recognition, but they’ll take it/
Cause when you had the chance and you didn’t say shit… you embraced it.
It’s a basic truth, The Plague’s the crew
We’re that anxious group of tasteless dudes that come to your show and can’t wait to boo/
Cause you overdo it, you feel me yet?/
Rocking a doorag with a headband and a cap that was fitted for Timmy’s head/
You silly bitches, it’s time for the detox/
Copycat rappers act like you got stock options at Xerox/
You’re shocked like you never planned to get caught?
Ignorant dick, don’t know if Neptunes a planet or not/
Faggots! You’re hot under the collar like catholic fathers with they hands on their cocks/
Asking a kid if he’s a fan of the rock/I demand that you watch me
Dismantle your block. See, I can’t ever stop because man never thought/
That he would develop a gift that would give him an understanding as he was taught/
We’ve amassed the assault, leave your ashes dissolved from burning/
QN5 Motherfucker, Tonedeff is the name – learn it!


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