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TapRoot - No Surrender
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On your feet rush rush to the street rush
Face defeat as if no one makes it out alive still try
Flee the scene hush hush be discreet hush
Go unseen unlike every breath you take can be as the clerk said passing by
Like a dream such nothing's what it seems much
Just deceit as if time could stop your stride now free outside
To the beat pump skipping every speed bump
There's no leaves, but if the walls you left behind could talk they'd probably only cry
These are the days you can't forget
These are the times you can't regret
This is your time for no surrender, surrender
This is your chance to do or die
This is your path so run or hide
This is your time for no surrender, surrender
Like the breeze rush rush down the street rush
Too fast to freeze, as if no one makes your shadow as a lie
War and peace hush hush still discreet hush
Mentally, like your train of thought implies just one manifest the signs comply
Like a dream clutch gripping memories such
Vividly, the sun'll settle east, to the park where you'd reside
To the beat touch closing in on me much
You can see, obvious now do or die beneath you're free to catch a ride
Deeper shade of sound
Now unburied catalyst arriving
She reads eastern bound
Like in movies you're now all aboarding


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