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Redrum - Brother Love
Odsłon: 1802
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1:]
Now We're Chillin, Kickin Back, Reminiscing About The Days
When We Would Drink Up On A Brew, Smoke A Blunt, And Just Get Blazed
I Was Younger Than You Homie, 2 1/2 Years To Be Exact
I Always Looked Up To You Homie 4 Some Guidance That's A Fact
U Were Bigger And Older, Bro You Are My Role Model
Whatever You Did I Wanted To Do, Bro I'm Always Gonna Follow
Ever Since We Were Little You Know We Always Stuck Together
I Always Thought It Was Hella Cool, I Didn't Know It Could Get Better
Sure Enough It Did, We Always Stood Side By Side
If You Ever Had Beef Young Redrum Was Down To Ride
You Know I Got Your Back 24/7 4 Sure
You Gotta Tell Me What's Up Bro, You Just Gotta Let Me Know
I'll Have Your Back In A Second, I Won't Have To Think Twice
If It Came To It I'll Protect You Even If I Took My Life
Blood Is Thicker Than Water And You Know It's A Fact
Through Thick And Thin It's Nothin, Bro You Know I Got Your Back

Bro You Know I Got Your Back, I Don't Have To Think Twice
I Got Your Back, You Got My Back, That's When Wrong Went Right
Now Since You've Always Had My Back I'm Just Returning The Favor
You Know I'll Get The Job Done, Worry About The Consequences Later
There Will Be No Hesitation When It Comes To You Bro
I Might Be Mad As Fuck, But I'll Still Stick Right By You Bro
Brother Love Runs Deep And You Know It's A Fact
Come Fuck With Me, I'll Test Their Nuts, I Guarantee I'm Gonna Attack

[Verse 2:]
Now You Know I Got Your Back, You Gotta Let Me Know What's Up
If Them Haters Keep On Talkin We'll Make Them Shut The Fuck Up
Since You've Always Had My Back I'm Just Returning The Favor
I'll Get The Job Done, Worry About The Consequences Later
Like The Times We Had Beef, Who Stood Right By Your Side
When Your Boys Were Suckaz, Young Redrum Was Down To Ride
I'm Always Watching Your Back, You Know I Got My Eyes On You
Cause If Your Ever Gonna Chunk'em You Know I'm Gonna Chunk'em Too
I Got Respect 4 You Homie, You Took One 4 The Team
The Day You Got Locked Up, You Know It Should've Been Me
But You Were Standing Tall Bro And You Rose To The Occasion
Loyalty Above All Else and You Never Hesitated
Like The Time At School, The Beef With TCG
When They Tried To Run Up And Point The Finger At Me
You Were The First One By My Side And You Never Looked Away
And Vice Versa Nigga, You Know It's Gonna Remain The Same


[Verse 3:]
Now All The Times We Fightin Bro, You Know It's Always Stupid Shit Fool
You Can Get Up In My Face But I Ain't Ever Gonna Hit You
Or Diss You, I Got More Respect Than That
And Nothin Comes Between Us Junebug That's A Fact
It's Gonna Take A Hell Of A Lot 4 Me To Hold A Grudge
You Know This Shit Runs Deep, It's No Other That Brother Love
So Let's Put It All Behind Us And Let's Squash This Stupid Shit
I Know We Had Drama Before But It Was On Some Stupid Shit
So I Say Out With The Past And Let's Continue With The New
You Gotta Be Happy Bro So You Gotta Keep That Shit Cool
You Gotta Keep Your Nose Clean And Stay Away From Them Suckaz
Cause You Know They're Little Bitches, They Some Hatin Mothafuckaz
You Can't Trust Who Ever You Want Cause You Know They're Backstabbers
But I'll Tell You Who You Could Trust: Me And Lil D and Casper
Might Have Voices In My Head, But You Know I'm Trust Worthy
So Just Give Us A Call We'll Have Your Back Up In A Hurry

[Chorus x2]


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