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Rapsody - Thank You Very Much
Odsłon: 1048
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Tekst piosenki:

Ayo, thank you very much
To niggas that rejected
Rode me about whatever, tell me how's riding the bus?
Jealousy ain't help you
Aided me and dealt you a bad hand going hard at yo soft esophagus

So, thank you very much

For never showing love till you saw me on 106, now I'm the shit to you huh?
Say wit success come more stress from niggas where you from
My name in yo mouth
Guess I really made it out huh?

So Thank you very much

For purchasing that Source to feel more sore for not supporting when you had the choice
I heard every voice
Like divorce
They pay alimony, all da money
Sleeping around on me was your choice

No thank you very much
For those don't wanna pay me, but want a verse from me
It ain't getting no cheaper for you baby
I'm at the Barclay nowadays is you fuckin’ crazy?
You nigga slay me, I gotta house payment bitch nigga

Thank you very much

To my parents that apparently helped me bare from London, Japan to paris
They used to push me carriage and still they pushing me forward
Finally can afford it, I'm working my way to fortune

So thank you very much

To everyone I touched, your words touched so I kept um tucked
Glad you gave a fuck, I saw the fuss that you put when I didn't make the cut
More niggas to cut and add um to the remix of this cut

So thank um very much to Kenny for every penny you counted that mama lent me
The stress only made me tought
I'm sorry you outta touch
Hope you understand soon enough
But thank you the same as kicking me out I won't hold a grudge
And, Thank you very much to the army putting ones on me
And the haters just to go home and add me into they favorites
Cuz ya views count too on the YouTube when you hating
A million strong, I been RUNNING a milli a milli lately

So thank you very much to each one of you major lables that failed sign me sooner
Now we going up on the wagers
Thank you very much for da favors
For all the Jordans from Jordan
Thanks to Jordan G. (gee) the video love was major

And thank you very much to that one friend I still love that disappeared on me
Homie, I hope you doing good
Taught me to trust no one, tho he swore to me I could
Thank you very much my nigga, fuck it it's all good
And thank you very much Most Dope, TDE for remaining doper than PCP to this PYT
I appreciate ya
And last but not least thanks to the Wonder for whatcha did for my

I Thank you very much


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