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Petey Pablo - Blow your whistle
Odsłon: 2751
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Edytuj teledysk Teledysk dodał(a): tomek-1994

Tekst piosenki:

Hey, hey, everybody come here, I need all ya?ll to come over here,
come here, come here, yeah, come here, yeah, I want you to do this,
come on

Blow ya whistle, blow ya whistle, blow ya whistles for me yeah
If you wanna bizzle then you can let a nizzle to blow ya whistle
from petey pizzle to come on get me
Blow ya whistle, blow ya whistle, blow ya whistle for me yeah
I said, if you wanna bizzle then you can let a nizzle to blow ya
whistle from petey pizzle I whoop ya?ll up

I can do anything and everything with new flows, then take this Manny
track and tear the game a new ass-hole, me and my doo rag half man,
with two black hoes, how in the world could it do this, I be so damn
I got a rabbit foot in my pocket, uh huh, come on I needed the other
part of the rabbit, to fill up a pocket, I gotta major problem partna, so
that means I don?t need to be bothered for nada, um, feel me dogga,
my head hot, uh huh, and my body warm, uh huh, my nose runnin,
could you close the door, uh huh, letting out all granted and goodies
sweet g?s and deviled eggs, boiled tater to goat cheese, ya?ll don?t
even remember me, I?m Petey, take ya shirt off Carolina from
Greenbo, but what Petey needs to see this evening, you can keep
your shirt on, we gon? use thee


I tell ya when I come runnin head down, but naw, but naw, ya?ll ain?t
hit me, so I guess I had to ahead hit ya with something that could grip
yo attention, make ya yell at ya kids from the kitchen, what put that
whistle now, but Petey on tv, damn it Petey, ya heard what I say, I
just love it when I could take a track and have me some fun, get
footloose, and still can put the glove on chrome, make a girl butt
bump, ba bum, make a party go crazy, ba bum, when the first two
bumps come on, ba bum, I?ma have some, I?m telling ya man, I?m the
new spokesman for gas grills and propane, when I wrote this I had to
wear shades, I had to wear rubber gloves to get this today, Manny
Fresh cd player wasn?t even playin, man we need a fire truck, where
my whistle at baby


Hey, let me hold ya whistle
Uh huh, please, I just wanna blow it
Just a little bit
Ain?t ya proud of me now

Release ya mind, body, and soul, and let yourself become a part of the
flow, like the EX roll, and you can try your best to hold it back but you
can?t hold, and even if you had a cramp, pull these handcuffs on ya,
turn ?em loose, don?t worry ?bout ?em , leave ?em alone, he the one
gon? look like the button ho, whistle blowin?, and the party still goin? on,
and he all upset, mad, cause he too grown, I?m back, I?m ready to take
my back, oh and I hooked up with Cash Money, how in the hell did you
do that, elementary my nigga, I just took this little thing here and blew
it (Ya Petey Pizzle whistle) Yeah

(Chorus 3x)

(Manny Fresh)
Oh, and there he go, fa show, Petey Pab, straight hustla, play child,
uh, Manny Fresh ya heard, Petey check it out baby cakes, uh, you can
buy yo momma a house off of this one, you can get yo daddy that
truck that he always wanted, you can get yo grandfatha that chromed
out wheelchair, and you can just go ahead on and just, glide in the
wind, ya heard, ooh, I?m feelin myself, I wanna thank everybody for
givin? me this opportunity to blow my whistle, blow my whistle, blow my


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