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Nana - Are you ready
Odsłon: 1910
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Tekst piosenki:

Back in days as we speak and multiplythe thoughts in my mind what will happen when i diefree as a bird happy in the skywar on our earth lord why oh whyjustice please take me by the handlead me to the place just like alice went to wonderlanddamn i am in a bad mood what shall i doexcuse you for abuse thank youthy kingdom come and you´ll see what i meandeep breathe inhale for some oxygenwhere i´ve been you never can imaginelookin´ for the light day after still laughin´life sucks payback is a bitchi pray to god yes i wanna be richlookin´ for money and the faith real quickbeen thinkin´ about it all the time makes me really sick
1,2,3 are you ready1,2,3 are you ready for the slow jam1,2,3 are you readywe won´t stop ´til we gettin´ our thing
1,2,3 are you ready
Look time for me and you to take a look in the bookread between the lines no garantie you get the bookready or not you better watch out coz here i comelet me say hi to bill and hillary clintonwhat about the subject my brothers in the projectsa minute or two will do my love and my respecthard times i´ve been thru no gold on my spoonmama left me my sister and my two brothers tooback behind still together we climbsearchin´ day and night prayin´ for a better lifelord dear lord in heaven aboveobedience is better than sacrifice that´s why i am toughfreedom and justice exactly what we lookin´ forfree our pains and maintain so earth and the universenow is the time to go for you and yours


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