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Kid Cudi - Cold Blooded
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Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1]
I got my head on a swivel
Think its time I open my mind where I left it
Nigga make it easy
Make sure that they can't delete me
I'm bout to be rewire your whole fucking mainframe
I'm sick of the same
Lame old same thing
I got some bubonic you might wanna mix with some whiskey
I got a vendetta with showing niggas that I'm way better
Feeling way worthless
The lost black sheep of G.O.O.D. Music
Only good for a hook, huh?
Let me show you flows
Intuitive when it comes to many things I know
Most winters I would dream of being a winner
Feeling like less than shit to the doubters
Pain I promise to all who oppose my knowledge
My reign
The fucking essence of pain fuck rain
Standing in a monsoon of cool
Time will tell
This is what it is when you're walking to hell

Oh! Bitch you know I'm cold yea
I'm one cold blooded nigga
Oh So cold
Niggas know I'm cold yea
I'm one cold blooded nigga

[Verse 2]
I love how I can make so many people feel uneasy
Walk right passed I know you hoes see me
Can't deny the shine of a jedi
World class almighty super cudder the Godly
Went from [?] to smoking tiva that was my hobbies
I love shittin on these niggas that is my fave
Can't fuck with an unstoppable force
That lives with no regrets and of course no remorse
One two one two
Assholes now please listen close
I live for the day to watch all you pussies roast
Whoosah whoosah
So I don't slit nobody throat
Awww it ain’t my fault, thought he had the juice
Bash a nigga face in
Watch the blood leak
Put my ear where his jaw was
Tell a nigga to speak
Standing in a monsoon of cool
Karma is my armor
Was always scared of my father

[Hook 2x]
Oh! Bitch you know I'm cold yea
I'm one cold blooded nigga
Oh So cold
Niggas know I'm cold yea
I'm one cold blooded nigga


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