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Kelis - Mafia
Odsłon: 2093
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Tekst piosenki:

Kelis ft. Markita

Somebody made me a offer and I accepted
Forever indebted it to rep it
Love, honor and respected
But his image was different than what his character reflected
Word is he's 730
His hands never dirty
All I know is this so called psycho never hurt me
Take me down to Tiff's, shopping sprees on Fifth
With 'nuff dough that could be carried out on forklifts
Earned his trust together till we turn to dust
Until this theory disintegrated and burned to crust

Death do us apart
That's what I vow to you
Lovewise, I bow to you
Amazing how it's true
Talk calls on our phone
Just to remind you
That I'm behind you
The feds won't find you

Relax, my love
The love I have for you is like the Mafia
(For you, I'd testify)
I'd lie for you of course
Since my love is like the mafia
(And for you, I would fight)

Mr. and Mrs.
But I wonder where the bliss is
Sealed in blood and Corleone kisses
Should I witness to give a bitch morning sickness
Decomposed bodies thrown into ditches
As for snitches, ain't nothin' lower than that
King pins will squeal on your fam
They get low as a rat
Got cappo's for flamin' at those
Lame ass hoes
So you know next time, keep your trap closed

What would you doubt for?
I'd never lie to you
Of course I'd die for you
I'd be your eyes for you
My love, rest assured
I'll raise our sons for you
I'll save our ones for you
Load up your guns for you

(Hook) 2x

Rich in tradition
Niggas once held dear
Let it be known that your name alone spelled fear
Gun for gun, hunnert' to one
Forget about it
Petty shit, rise above and get up out it
Could give a shit about it
Time to focus or fold
Many lives bought and sold
Fortunes favor the bold
Connected like phone lines
From racketeering to known crimes
Winners, turn long shots to gold mines

The high speed chases
I'll do them just like you
I'll give them dust like you
Turn around and bust like you
Then I'll disappear and return like Jedi
(car starting)
(car explodes)

(song fades out)


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