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Jude - I do
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Tekst piosenki:

I got a letter today
An invitation
And the writing looked like you
Hello how are you and by the way
Please RSVP I do

I thought of writing sad words of how it used to be
But I didn`t want to bring you down, no
I guess the bells will ring pretty well there without me
Don`t worry `bout me baby I`ll wear the thorny crown
I will play the clown

If you think that I don`t love you, you`re just wrong
And that don`t matter now anyway
I couldn`t bear to see you up there with a white dress on
Here`s my vow to you
I`ll stay away

I remember when in a lover`s whisper you said
No other man would ever share your bed
Well we both know that`s not been so
And I wish I`d never let you go now
You found a better man instead

I wish you health and wealth and a white house on a hill and I
I hope you raise a family
Little boy and a little girl, a little more joy in this little old world
Well, that`d be enough for me


Time rolls on
And dreams they die
And I`ve thrown out the pictures I had of you and I
And if you`re ever wondering if love can be true
Well, think of me and remember darling like I, like I do

Old friendships fade away, love falls apart
And you`ve not spent a single day outside my heart
But, there`s just one more dream that I have left for you
I hope you`re smiling when he turns around and says I do. . .
I do
I do
I do
I do


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