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Honey Cocaine - Shots Fired
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Tekst piosenki:

Young flow,
I'm the realest killer
All I see is fake shit
I ain't feeling it
The law talking
I ain't hearing it
I be wishing a bitch would
I ain't feeling shit
This whole's weak and
I feel like shit
And I ain't fucking with you hoes
It's what made me rich
Bitch, look, I hate to creep
So I hustle like a beast
'cause I'm made for this
Get the money,
Let's not favor it
It's all cocaine white
And I payed for it
My gang's easy
I'mma stay for real
I went to walk
All you motherfuckers
Crave for it
Check it

I came to eat out the cake
I'm hungry in this place
And bitches looking like bait
I get it in
'cause I'm born to grind
The very fucking country
I've been torn from time

Anybody hating, you can suck dick!
I don't fuck with niggers I don't fuck with!
Money the only thing I'm in love with
I'm just getting bigger and I love it
Asking for favors, but ca't afford me!
Tell the people the truth, don't change the story
And after all the drama I'm still not tired
But I ain't playing no games, bitch, shots fired!


I don't fuck with niggers I don't fuck with!
Shots fired!
Anybody hating, you can suck dick!
Shots fired!

I spit them hoes before I used to ride with
Staying bitches that young and used to get high with
To all the hoes in the rap game and whack game
The same bitches with small minds and rock fame
Selling your pussy, you set a low bar
Shame on us females who fucking go hard
A generation got no stars
Only see me and T0 Lane so far
If you mad, bitch, then step it up
If you mad, bitch, and sad, bitch, you set that up!
Them haters hating but my head is up
Just watch what I do, 'cause I said enough!
I be flowing, spitting, they fucking know
'cause these hoes are stripping and I'm fucking cold
I ain't the greatest, but I'll fucking grow
Don't doubt me, without me is no fucking show

To all the new people trying to fly in
To get a seat with us, there ain't no buy in's
You trying to eat with us, you must be walling,
Watch how you treating us, we get to fire them
I got bitches on stand by who ride in
It's guaranteed, my bitches will get violent
And after all the drama I'm still not tired
But I ain't playing no games, bitch, shots fired!


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Honey Cocaine

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