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Fya - Must be love
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Tekst piosenki:

feat. Smujji & Predator

[Ooh Heh Ooh Heh......]

Hey yo i know it's the Fya girls and Smujji
the combination this must be love
it's gonna hit you like an explosion
Fya Smujji let it go....

Must be love
This must be love..love
girl i don't know where i'm at
thinking about you so bad
it must be love
This must be love..love love
gonna be treating you right
every day (every day)
every night (every night)

It's the things you do to me
i dunno where to start
you're in my body and it tingles my heart
showing me tings i never seen before
telling me tings i'm willing to explore
I wasn't looking i didn't know what i was looking for
you came along and put me under pressure
And I don't think i can leave
coz i'll be hungry for more
this is love .. keep it hot .. feel the pressure

I try to see and you feel my senses
try to fight but i have defences
crazy but i don't know why
I'm not the kinda guy

[Repeat Chorus]
every day ay ay ay

no-one's ever loved me in the special way you love me
I can't stop the passion when you hold me tenderly
these feelings are for real
you know their bubbling up within me
but boy i'm glad i'm holding back
I wanna give you all of me

Must be love
when i look into your eyes i get shivers
desire is to love and it feels unconditional
Must be love when there's nothing left to hide
love to love you coz it feels so original

[Repeat Chorus]

This must be love
This must be love
This must be love
(this is one in a million)
This must be love
This must be love
This must be love

This must be something follow love in a war
when me see u smile take me heart over
I like it when u whisper in my ear tenser
it make me feel like the queen omega
this feeling i feel i know it's fo real
it's real in me face say i can't conceal
it's pressing my heart this is not for a deal
I am the man yay you are the seal

I wanna clap baby you're my fire
I wanna dream you're my desire
crazy but i don't know why
I'm not that kinda guy

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

Trust me it's the best thing
We're special


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