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Evidence - Things you do
Odsłon: 1295
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Tekst piosenki:

Yeah, you know I'm a highly influenced person right?
(Right) Well I listen to what people be tellin me
Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad..

[Chorus: x2]
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
They keep tellin me, man they keep tellin me
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
I try somethin new, they keep tellin me

They way you stood for yours
Radio don't play, so you set up tours
It's that real shit, how you signed to a label
Vinyl kept independent and made the CD, major
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
They keep tellin me, man you stay reppin your crew
Played your position, and still got your messages through
Paid your tolls, maybe you'd be callin 'em dues
Paved the road L.A. Dodger blue, c'mon
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
You a double threat, produce others yet
on stage when you spit's how you bubble best
Don't hear fuck what they tell me
Caught you in Dallas with Fareye and L.B.
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
How you reached the crowd, how you teach 'em how
Your ten tip shit you did had 'em screamin loud
Then you flipped the script, jumped in the aisle
The greatest show, E-V, no doubt


The way you pushed Babu, to the front of the stage
To the front of your group, but still Dilate, I relate to you
Never started battles, just finished 'em through
As a matter of fact, eternal rest in Proof
Would've loved to seen him 'til we all build in the booth
After I seen you in Tempe on stage was the truth
That night I learned life is short
I never throw away days, Ev's my support, please
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
Only thing constant's change I tell 'em
Most understand, a few against the grain rebellin
I give 'em all to me, the beats knock like Halloween
Got fans, got fiends, they be yellin
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
Need more leaders, most don't speak up
But turn up they speakers, pumpin weak shit
More concerned with sneakers and carryin heat
Don't gangbang, I'm still bangin out these heaters
"Why'd you change the things you do~!"
Listen, don't need middlemen to hear your voice
The label don't support, back to Challenge Choice
Back to ABB, back to basic bits
Choppin up loops gritty for the streets


Hehehe, it's the Weatherman
Take all of that shit with a grain of salt
In one ear and right out the other motherfuckin ear
Unless I agree with you, then I might replay that

"In one ear and right out the other..."


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Autor tekstu:

Michael "Evidence" Perretta

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Chris "Babu" Oroc

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The Weatherman LP

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