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Devil Doll - Things You Make Me Do
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Flappy Bird

Tekst piosenki:

i've got a secret plan to love you and i do so night and day,
and i always stand right by you, have your back in every way,
and you wish that i could save you and i wish that i could too,
but if you cause too much pain for me i'll leave if i have to,
but i think about you constantly all through the night and day,
and i toss and turn in bed at night and hope it goes away,
but it never does and when i wake and you're not next to me,
i remember where you are, i hope your girl forgives me.

do i need you?
you seem to think i do
can't seem to see through anything that you do
oh, ooohhh, the things you make me do

i should know better than to follow your lead wherever you go,
through the raging ???? stones and alley ways we go,
sometimes i ??????? you take me to
but your radio is on so loud i can't get through to you,
but if everything's ok with you then it's ok with me,
you are such a little boy with you're big philosophy,
but i'm not a little girl, i am a woman, don't you know?
i'm packing up my toys, i don't want to play anymore.

do i need you?
you seem to think i do
can't seem to see through anything that you do
oh, ooohhh, the things you make me do

and how can you smile at me when you know just what you can do,
and it's not fair to me cause you know that i can never have you,
how can you make me feel so good but then you make me feel so bad,
you know that you are the baddest lover that i've never had.

i've got my own man now, he treats me the way that you never could,
and now you're all like "i should have, could have, would...".
but i'm afraid you've missed the train, you were too busy playing games,
and now our story comes to an end, you ain't my lover or my friend.
and when i am walking down the aisle oh so happily,
then you'll be saying "it could have, should have been me."

if you need me, i will not hear thee,
stay away from me, trying to decieve me.
oh,oh,ohhh the things you make me do

oh the things you'll never make me do (2x)

roses are red, violets are blue and so are you


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