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Devil Doll - My Brother
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Lights Often Keep Secret Hypnosis
Sleeping Down
In The Dark
"Undead Is Whoever
Can Wait Eternally
In Ambush
Ready To Seize
With The Fangs'."

Slowly The Phantoms
Creeping Through
The Grey Canals
Silently Riding
The Wings Of Reality
The Mischievous Glance
Speedily Flares
While Pure And Deranged
My Poor Little Sister
I Deflower;
Or Drive The Red
-My Red- Soaking Blade
Into The Boring Beloved
Old Benefactress' Heart.

And When The Fog
Starts To Unreel
And The Obscure Gulfs
Are Covered Again
As If Nothing
Had Ever Happened,
And Yet The Unaware People
Smile At Me Raising Their Hats:
"Mr. Doctor!".
And When The Open Wide Eyes
Every Damned
Endless Moment
I Set Out
Across The Pebbles
Worn Out,
Laying My Head
I Stare At The Lights
For The Last Time,
Two Lights,
On The Tracks

2. Eliogabalus

I Dread The Great Winged Insects
And The Cat-Headed Butterflies;
Above All The Fleshy Wings
Of The Birds
Trying To Clutch Me.
At Times I Thought
I Was A Glass Bowl
And I Trembled
Fearing To Be Cracked.
Or I Felt As If
I Had Committed
A Horrible Crime
(But... Which One?)
Sinking Off (Only)
At Night.

Then I Was In A Vast Garden
And I Cut The Tree In The Middle,
"Tree Of The Knowledge
Of Good And Evil"
Building A Vessel
That I Named "Narrenschiff"
And I Sailed Through
Black Waves Of Clotted Blood,
Closing My Eyes....

When I Opened Them
I Was Sitting On The Throne,
With The Terror
Of An Endless Hiccup.
Not To Walk On The Lines,
I Carry On Numbering Things
Till I Forget How Many
Then I Start Again...

I Don't Give A Damn
For Caligula: Just His Horse!
And I'm Bored By
Julius Caesar's
Thousands Words
To Cross The Rubycon Only.

"The Mirror! The Mirror!
The Mirrored Life!"
Same And Adverse
The Real And Its Stage,
Flesh And Blood Puppets
In The Scene Of The Game.
Bitches To Power
The Army Is A Ballet
Empty The Treasure
In Everyone's Hands!

"The Mirror! The Mirror!
The Mirrored Life!"

My Brother

Sitting Alone In The Empty Pit,
The Laughing Man,
Innocent Or Absurd,
Not As Death
Living One Instant,
But As The Planet
Diverse And Deformed
Watching The Earth
Beyond The Mirror.

Now You, Just You:
Staring At Me From The World
-Built On Eternal Repetitions-
Behind The Mirror.
Crack My World From Side To Side
Kill Me With Every Day.
To Walk Together
Upon The Sea...

Is A State
Of Mind.


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Devil Doll

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