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Big L - Hit it
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Tekst piosenki:

[Hook: Vocals in background {Imitation of ATCQ's 'Can I Kick It? '}]
Can I hit it? (Yes you can!)
Can I hit it? (Yes you can!)
Can I hit it? (Yes you can!)

[Verse 1:]
What's up boo, how you do?
I've been watching you and you don't have a clue and this ain't nothin new
Come to the crib, I got a beautiful view
And a heart-shaped water bed made for two
Uhuh, I do my thing when it's humping time
So all you cuties that wanna bump and grind, jump in line
Let me zoom in the boom like Rex
When I'm through your nets
Cause I'm a feen when it comes to sex
Am I the man? (True that)
Of course you knew that
I'd give you the world, but shook my ends, I don't do that
I'm ready to get my flirt on
One honey with the skirt on
She got knees that I would love to put some dirt on
Come here shorty, let's drink a forty and get naughty
Go get your crew, I'll go get mine and let's make it an orgy
And if you wanna be my girl just forget it
I'm not with it (why?)
It's just room to hit it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
So all my ladies are you with me, where you at?
Let me hit it from the back and tell you if it's good or wack
When I'm all alone I call honey's on the phone
And Tell 'em come see me, but if we ain't gonna bone then keep your ass home
I used to mate with this honey Kate
The sex was great
Her shape would make a sweet playa turn straight
When you mention my name it rings a bell
Ask any female, nobody does it like L
That's why the ladies wanna meet me, discreetly
Cause I'm freaky and love to go deep sea
Fishing, I be caressing em', strickly sexing em'
You know my style, I'm Down with O.P.P. like Treach and em'
I get the woman loose quicker than gin and juice
Sometimes I wanna jiggy to sporting gators and linen suits
And if you wanna be my girl just forget it
I'm not with it? (Why?)
It's just room to hit it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
Around your girl you shouldn't trust me
Cause soon as you turn your back I'm a slide her off then bust three
And I only lay pipe to dimes
A lot of brothers I know are taking care of kids that might be mines
I love to go low, I'm freaky like that
I even hit my mans girl cause I'm sneaky like that (huh!)
It ain't my fault your girl me ho-hoppin'
And matter fact the last time you gave her loot to go shopping
She picked me up some dope shirts
It's because of me why she's walking crooked and her throat hurts
I hait to wait cause I'm not on a patient tip
Just hit me off, we don't need a relationship
I practice safe-sex so I keep the latex
Looking through the rollerdex to see who I'm a slay next
And if you wanna be my girl just forget it
I'm not with it? (Why?)
It's just room to hit it

[Hook x2]


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Big L

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The Archives 1996-2000

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