The Living Tombstone - Atomizer

Tekst piosenki:

Why am i always slept on, dremt on, napped upon
when honestly I'm probably something of a prodigy
I discord harmony there is no apology
wanna shine like a wonderbolt strike like a thunderbolt

Changeling demonic explosive and atomic when
I sonic rainbomb it come and try to stop it
I'll have you running back in like ten seconds flat
then you drop off the map right off the bat

how can you mange eruptions so savage
blasts so massive kilotons of damage
try to stop the madness I didn't really plan this
and now you wanna know who the hell this man is

I'm elements compressed, stressed and repressed
you can all take a rest if that's your best guess
Now i digress to let me suggest
In a lyrical mess, that here's what i am

fires will be blazing shocking tasing
no respiration
allow me to educate and elevate the mental status of those
that wanna hate us and they'll be hay to pay

as i incinerate eliminate and decimate
those that take an opportunity to hate on a community
that's spreading love and unity and oppose a show
of which they know nothing trolls aren't cunning

I'm a lyrical miracle monster tearing the buildings and stars up
whenever a star struts like he's walking in canterlot
disappointed in me like damn that's all he's got
jumping off topic every pony's mocking

situation atomic and I'll explode and expose
and it's just to let em know that I'm no disappointment
these dreams that I'm voicing are all my choices
but I'm just a fellow and I'd like to say hello