Mark Ashley - Love is like the sea

Tekst piosenki:

Now I know, I can't denny
that you're the inspiration for me.
I'll give you all my love.
Lady you're my fantasy.

Hold me in your arms tonight,
a lovesong whispers by night and day.
Can't shake you out of me.
Baby, my heart will you say, I'll never get away.

If you see it in my eyes
Please come fall in paradise
So I want this one, I wanna see you smile

Baby, love is like the sea,
like an ocean, come to me
Baby, love is want we´ll do
love will make our dreams comes true,
make our dreams comes true.

There's no game with some other girl
Oh, just the only one, I adore.
Call me when you're shure
Lady, don't you close the door

Love's around wherever I go
This one thing makes me high in the night
I need you more and more
Baby, yes the time is right,
you know I hold you tight.

If you see it in my eyes
Please don't tell me, tell me lies
So I want this one, I wanna see you smile.

Baby, love is like, is like the sea,
Oh, I know you are the best for me
Baby, love is like a burning heart
We will never, never break apart.