Linda Lyndell - What A Man

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I get lovin' (lovin')
By the hundred
And I get lovin' (lovin')
By the pint
Got me doin' the camel walk
In my sleep
Make me do the James Brown
Every time I get on my feet

Listen to me

{Chorus} What a man, what a man, what a man
what a mighty good man (2xs)

Yes he is
A mighty mighty good man

Let me put it on your mind
Let me put it on your mind
He thrills me, kills me
He's a lovin' kind
Another ounce of his love
And I think I'm a gonna slip
Lose my grip
And do back over flips

Listen now


What a man
And deep inside I know it
What a man
And I'm not ashamed to show it


Yes he is

He can do, good god
He can do the funky broadway
Yes he can
The funky four corner
He can back up
Back up and do the tighten up