Gina T - Tokyo By Night

Tekst piosenki:

Follow my car, i show you how in life.
Sensuale people is something can match your life.
Take my hand and you will understand.
Misteurious life, i still bring you to fantasy free.

chorus: Tokyo by night.. City full of light...
You see in my eyes..Tokyo by night..
Shining in your eyes...Tokyo by night..
shining in your eyes..I will lead you through..
Tokyo by night...

Follow me boys, i lead you through the night..
As you take part of the hard of traffic in life..
Sweet charming ladies..
Erotic of sense for a smile...

Tokyo by night...city full of light..
You see in my eyes...Tokyo by nights...
Tokyo by night...Shining in your eyes...
I will lead you through..Tokyo by night...