Easy Rider - Different Ways

Tekst piosenki:

The world is the dominion
For dream development
Established by its components coherency
It´s a different way for the spirit
The 21st. Tarot secret
Between heavenly and infernal world
You may see the earthly one
And inside the highest mountains
Of the earthly world
You´ll find the spiritual one
Discover the key
Like some people never will
It will open the gates of reality

I´m the centre of your world
Deify me... I´m your god
I´m agressive... I´m your sword
I am hotile... See in red

Mankind is losing the universe

Different ways for the spirit
Hiding the 21st. Tarot secret
Different ways for reality
Life´s just a dream
Life is just passion and warfare

Yearning for elevation
Soul destruction.. Human decay
I´m a razor... I´m the blade
I´m reflexion... Dream in red