Ashley Esterwood - If you don't love me

Tekst piosenki:

Walked down the street today
So baby, what do you say?
You just walked out my door
My heart hit the floor
But I see now
I really just don't care
So tell me how
You won't get out of my hair

If you don't love me
Please shut your mouth
If you don't need me
Then baby, get out
It doesn't take much to get you started
You don't care that you left me brokenhearted
If you don't love me
Then just set me free

I think I should tell you
Just what I want to do
Tell you what's on my mind
A little something to turn back the time
I hope you know this
I'm just plain sick of it
I will never fall
Into your deadly pit


Our relationship is ending
Boy, just stop pretending
So this is our goodbye
I can't stand your lies

[Chorus x2]